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In the film, at the part where EVE is being taken back to her ship, WALL-E speeds past 2 thing on his way to the ship: 1) a crate like the one Woody was trapped under in Toy Story, and 2) A bubble like object (in screen for half a sec.), such as the one in Monsters Inc. that was used to blow up the sock. Also, when EVE lights up the lightbulb, play the scene in slow motion, and when EVE lights up the bulb, her eyes look like an electrical outlet. Finally, after the credits, the Luxo Jr. lamp comes up, but his light blows, and WALL-E puts in a new one (possibly the bulb EVE lights up), knocks over the "R" in Pixar, and proceeds to form the "R" himself. After that, the BnL logo will come up. and several people will sing: "BnL!"

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Contributed By: Bob Silverstein on 01-19-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: WALL-E DVD
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Um..... what do you mean "irrelevant"????!!!!! I't's completely relevant!! The "Pixar" logo wasn't actually one of the eggs I posted, the "BnL" thing after it was! Plus, that (duh) comment was unneccesary ..... and rude.
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timbot writes:
The light that Eve illuminates is an incandescent light bulb, whereas the light bulb that Wall-E replaces in Luxo Jr's lamp is a CFL; consistent with the theme of the movie highlighting environmental conservation.
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Very interesting but Pixar throws in something from a former movie in all of their animations. The eve light bulb one makes complete sense therefore does not count. The Pixar start with the lamp is completely irrelevant and available to the public without any work (duh) therefore not an easter egg at all.
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