Superfrog Easter Egg - Behind the Scenes!

Ready to break the fourth wall? You know... even graphics for pixelly retro games start with a pencil and a piece of paper. So let's go behind the scenes of Superfrog! (Well... sort of)

-This Egg takes place on world 5-4 (the last stage of the ice level)
-Starting at the beginning of the level, jump up and left onto the ledge
-From here, either use the spring or the slopes to get to the highest ledge you possibly can (you will see the exit above you here)
-Go down the long slope with coins and fruit, and be careful at the bottom to dodge the spikes. Continue, dodge the flail and eventually you will reach a wall with a ledge above it to the left. Jump onto this ledge
-Continue across this platform, throw the switch, and then go to the right. You will see some tiny ledges; go down from here and continue right. Eventually you will reach a penguin, and past the penguin is a large drop down. Jump down here and get ready to jump out of the way when you slip towards the spikes!
-You will now be in a place with lots of spikes and springs everywhere. Dodge all of these, and run to the far left. Fall down to another platform with many spikes and springs, and run past them too (to the right).
-When you come to a row of spikes with a small ledge diagonally above (the ledge has some bits of fruit on it), squeeze through the gap between the spikes and the ledge and continue right.
-Oh, look! You've reached the end of the level - this area has not yet been designed. You will just find some blank area and a pencil. You can even walk on the scribble and pencil if you like.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-12-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: The game "Superfrog", running on an Amiga or Amiga Emulator.
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The Unfinished Level
The Unfinished Level

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