Saint's Row 2 Easter Egg - Noitilov Storage

In Little Shanghai of the Chinatown District near the border with Shivington of the Projects District (look for a red highlight as this is the Brotherhood's turf until you take it) there is a storage company with a Chinese architectural entrance gate. The name of the company is Noitilov Storage.

This is, of course, not Russian but simply "Volition" backwards.

Because this is not an egg unto itself I'll mention it within this egg posting. For those that have never played SR1 (mainly PS3 owners) the massive use of "Ultor" in SR2 is related to what was in SR1 only sponsorship of the Dome in Stilwater. Ultor, as mentioned in SR1's egg page, is the name of the corporation in one of THQ's early games "Red Faction" on PS2.

Ultor was the drilling corporation on Mars - as a tie-in they put it in SR1 and apparently saw a natural fit to make them the evil corporation. Certainly sounds sinister enough!

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Contributed By: JPhinfan86 on 01-08-2009
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: A Copy of Saints Row 2
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