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In the seen where Neo is on his way to 'The Oracle' he steps into an elevator with Morpheous and they talk about some stuff. When it shows a head shot of Neo you can see the name KYM carved into the wall. If you watch the credits, right near the beggining by herself, you'll notice Kym Barrett, is the Costume Designer.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-30-1999
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Special Requirements: TV. and The Matrix... and VCR
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Costume designer name - by TFI
Costume designer name - by TFI

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VF_103_PYRO writes:
trinity you are a liar. if you watch the making of the matrix documentary, you will see a clip where that very scene was being filmed and the elevator was a prop not a real elevator. the scene of them inside the elevator was filmed with an open front fake elevator as a huge camera could not possibly fit into an elevator with a camera man and two actors while at the same time getting a wide enough angle to capture both actors in perfect focus standing together without any "wall eye" distortion. so take your "I know the guy who wrote it" and stuff it.
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Jackal writes:
Hey I just checked back... And I wrote this egg why does it say anon? I was logged in and everything... Anyways, a lot of these scenes have a lot of controversy because they look like real scenes but at really a fake or a blue screen. Isn't the woman in the red dress scene a real place in Australia but it was actually filmed on a blue screen?
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acidcobra writes:
I found a kind´a Egg... =) If you fast-forward the movie to the scene when the 3 agents got Neo in that ugly green room. When Agent Smith says "What good is a phone call if you are not able to speak" Neo´s mouth gets f***ed up. =D Then Neo Rises from the chair and moves to the wall... And now, the camera changes to Agent smith and if you look into his sunglasses (His right) You can see in the reflection of the glass that neo is still sitting in front of him. Kind´a weird huh..
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CornellAdamO writes:
Yeah, Acid that's not an egg. That's called a movie mistake. And it's not interesting.
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