Mirrors Edge Easter Egg - The Janitor Is Everywhere

In the level where you are in the subway station, after you jump on the tracks for the first time and go to the door with the note that says "door locked, access button in control room.
The Janitor"

after you go in the room look over to your right at the board and there is a note that says "remember: feed scruffy" and there is a picture of a mouse, with hearts around it, and if you look on the ground near the desk there is a cage. crouch down and you will see a mouse inside it. this is a reference to scruffy the janitor from futurama. there is a second note with multiple red doors broken down and a giant muscle man surronded by question marks, meaning the janitor doesnt know who knocks down all the doors, even though it is Faith, the main character.

Then in the level where you are in the security place with the bulldog logo, when you get in the first office there are computers with the bulldog sign on them. Go to the second computer, and it has a note on it. Crouch down and you can see that it reads "Milton, you have a call from someone claiming to be your brother, he calls him self the janitor or something, he wants to talk to you about you going to take care of his mouse." it seems the janitor is the less succsefull brother. Then at some point when you are on the rooftops after you get past the celeste thing, there is writing on a roof vent that shows a mouse, and a sentance which i cannot remember, and writing beside it saying "who ever is writing all these please stop" which refers to the first level on the left when you climb in the vent after seeing the helicopter, there is another mark that asks "has anyone seen L?" there are probably others but those are the ones i have found

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Contributed By: AshCambell on 11-23-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
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