gears of war 2 Easter Egg - Toaster

This is on the level "the best laid plans." This is right before you get to the long stairway down to the lower palace. At the top of the stairs there is a sort of platform with a decorative block at the edge, on the side towards the stairs. Break the block with a shotgun blast or a few smacks. There will be a toaster with steel plated bread inside. Then it will let you push a button. Push it. the bread will go inside, and the toaster will start to smoke, and marcus will cough. The toast will pop up and Marcus (if thats who pushes the button)will shout "Who wants toast?" If anyone is near, they might shout "I like 'em crispy."

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  9.2/10 with 24 votes
Contributed By: Nate The G on 11-10-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: completed game up to the end of act 4
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AJ writes:
I love this egg. I also love how Marcus flat out screams "WHO WANTS TOAST!?" I swear to god they're all on steroids...
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bambino writes:
i remember finding a toaster on the level when you get off the drop lifts or whatever and you have to clear the way for Betty (rig) in one of the houses i think there is one and i think they use strong language for this one haha not sure if its there but it should be entertaining to find
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Eskimoen writes:
Hey, just noticed that you forgot to mention that the higher difficulty you're playing on, the more dialog you'll get from Dom & Marcus. On insane it was like this for me: "WHO WANTS TOAST?" "I like em CRISPY!" "I like em CRISPY on the OUTSIDE!" "HELL YEAH!"
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