Star Wars the Force Unleashed Easter Egg - Ozzik's Hunting Lodge

In the Level "Imperial Kashyyyk" after you go through 2 sets of gates you will have to fight an imperial royal guard and proxy will say "these are the personal quarters of ozzik sturn", He is a hunter and in this room are some of the trophy's he's collected, but if you look a little closer, you'll see they're all quite familiar...

clockwise, starting from where you enter the room

1. On the wall there is the head of Salacious Crumb (Jabba's palace ROTJ)
2. Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite (TPM, AOTC, ROTS)
3. The eye of the Sewer Monster (ANH)
4. On a stand is a 6 eyed head (Possibly a Varactyl like the one Obi Wan rides in ROTS?)

Then there are the heads of a

5. Reek
6. Acklay
7. Nexu (Geonosis AOTC)

the creatures Padme, Obi Wan and Anakin fought in the Petranaki arena on Geonosis.

8. On the wall here is the head of a Greater Krayt dragon - with a moveable jaw! (skeleton seen in ANH)
9. On this next stand are 3 Taun-Taun heads (Hoth TESB)
10. The top of this stand has the Head of a Wampa (Hoth TESB) and the bottom has a Strange monkey-like head (?)
11. Next is the head of a Dew-Back (Tatooine ANH)
12. On the wall here is the giant head of a Gorax (Caravan of Courage)
13. On this plinth is a lovely Diorama of 3 Mynocks in flight (the stomach of the Space Slug TESB)
14. Then there are some mounted Bantha horns (Tatooine TPM, AOTC, ANH)
15. Next is a Manatee looking head, it's too big to be walrus face (cantina ANH) and too small to be a rancor so... (?)
16. And then on a Plinth is a Rancor head (Jabbas palace ROTJ, Felucia SW:TFU)
17. And hanging from the Ceiling is a Giant fish not recognisable from the Saga (?)

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