Southland Tales Easter Egg - Donnie Darko Lives On!

It seems like Richard Kelly couldn't leave the fame and fun of Donnie Darko behind, as he has stuck numerous references to his cult-hit movie. Here is 3 of the more subtle ones I have noticed so far:

1) Abilene's shirt during the musical sequence has a blood stain on it to symbolise about the grenade that went off and induced friendly fire at Fallujah. But notice the blood stain, it is in the exact same shape as the head of 'Frank', the bunny rabbit from Donnie Darko. Even the tops of the ears curver over like Frank's ears.

2) *SPOILERS* In the final scene of the movie, with Roland and his copy holding hands in the ice-cream truck as they break the barrier between dimensions, take a look at the copy of roland in the white shirt. His eye has been destroyed, which is AGAIN exactly the same as the character of Frank in donnie darko, who had the same eye injury. Frank was also sent travelling through time and dimensions in that movie....

3) A really funny, but kind of subtle one is heard when Boxer Santaros reads his script 'The Power' to Roland Taverner. Listen to the first lines of the pitch. "It's about a man whos not what he seems. He's a paranoid schizophrenic, who sees things. (as the crime rate suddenly skyrockets) he knows that the world is coming to an end"

The story of Donnie Darko is about "a teen who is a paranoid schizophrenic, who knows the world is coming to an end." Seems Richard Kelly is recycling scripts already!

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Contributed By: Ryan Wilson on 09-23-2008
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