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In Animal Crossing, you can purchase four different tools from Tom Nook's store to help you manage life in your town; a fishing rod, a bug-catching net, a shovel, and an axe. But did you know you could do better? Your axe wears out after you use it to cut down trees, and will break after a while. But there are the hidden items called the Golden Tools. These are rewards for completing hard tasks or finding hidden requirements to obtain them. Not only do they look great, but each is better in its own way thatn its normal counterpart.

The Golden Axe - The most annoying and tedious tool to obtain, this is probably the best to have; the Golden Axe, unlike a regular Axe, will never break, making it ideal for tree management in your town.

In order to obtain the Golden Axe, you must get a Perfect Town status at the Wishing Well and keep it for two weeks straight. So if you get out of Perfect once, the timer starts all over again. You can check on your town status by talking to the Wishing Well, and selecting "How are things?".

Follow the Wishing Well's hints on which acres need work, and you will get Perfect Town status when you have a total of 14 points or more and no acre needs work. Beware, weeds and trash deduct points, so make sure you give it to Nook, and pull your weeds everyday. Once you get the Perfect, on the next day replant any trees that might of died and check the Wishing Well everyday for 2
weeks to make sure you still have the Perfect Town status, remembering to pull your weeds. After 2 weeks of a non-stop Perfect Town status, visit the Wishing Well and claim your reward.

The Golden Net - Mayor Tortimer will give you this item after you have caught every kind of insect there is to catch. If you do not have access to the Gameboy Advanced island or time-travel, this could take a whole year to complete. However, in addition to an extended length, the Golden Net can swing sideways, making it easier to catch insects.
You must be very determined when pursuing this item, as catching insects can be tedious and hard sometimes; lots of sleuthing and snooping goes into the pursuit. There are many great sights that list every kind of insect, what time of year they are around, where to catch them, and what time of day to do it. Check these out if you are having trouble completing your collection.

The Golden Rod - I hate catching fish, so I say this one is not as fun as the Golden Net, no matter how identical they may be. Of course, the Golden Rod is superior to a normal Fishing Rod in that it catches Fish easier. Just throw in the bobber, and fish will automatically home-in on it, even if the bait is not in front of them. You must catch every kind of fish there is and then talk to Tortimer to grab this item. This takes a lot of determination, as many of the fish are in specific areas and only appear at certain times. Again, if you want a heads-up on fish locations, check out some of the lists posted on the web.

The Golden Shovel - Most likely the easiest Golden item to get and likely your first one, the Golden Shovel is very simple to obtain as long as you plan out the process. The Golden Shovel will randomly dig up 100 Bells from any spot in town, and your chances of obtaining higher amounts of Bells per dig increase with good feng-shui.

Bury a Shovel found in a Golden Spot (the shining spots on the ground that gives you money), let it grow fully, then shake it. Obviously, this requires 2 Shovels.

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