Action DooM! Easter Egg - So Revenants DO Wear pants!

In the level of the Underground UAC Facility (Use the idclev03 cheat code to save time.) Continue as normal until you reach the fateful crossroads.

For this secret, you need to go LEFT. Into the portal room and, subsequently, into hell.

Play through hell as normal until you go over the blood falls. Dispatch the nearby Pinky Demons.

Now, this secret is a little risky. And since you only have one point of health, I suggest you use the iddqd cheat code for invincibility. Anyway,

Walk over to the pool of lava that will be on your right at this point and look. You will notice that one of the rocks sticking out is oddly neat and clean. Stand here and jump through the lava-fall. If you did it right, you will land in a small washroom with a Heavy Machine Gun and a washer + drier.

This is already a humerous secret, but the REAL eye opener is on the wall on your right.

You will notice something on a coat-hanger. On closer examination, you will see it to be part of the Revenant monster from original DooM & DooM 2. The peice is, infact, its 'pants'

This refers to a famous DoomWorld flame-war over wether the Revenant from the original DooM games was wearing pants, or wether it was simply flesh.

Obviously, we now know Scuba Steve's* opinion on the argument.

*(Scuba Steve - The guy who made Action-DooM.)

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-30-2008
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Doom 2, action.wad
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