Half-Life 2 Easter Egg - Finding G-man in Water Hazard (chapter 4) without any cheat codes

I did this on PS3 and my cousin's X360, I'm very sure it works on PC as well without any cheat codes.
This Easter Egg uses a "trigger theory", the way i see it.
("the arena" refers to the huge place with water, lots of explosive barrels, where you fight a Hunter-Chopper and some ships that are tilted into the sand and a vast river or some sort. i.e. lots of water. The gate to the right crosses to Black Mesa East, but the gate to the left is to the console opening the gate to the right, isn't that right?)
Now, remember the Hunter Chopper in Water Hazard, kill it! After doing so, this is the part where you leave your boat anywhere.
Now, do not attempt to exit to Black Mesa East (Chapter 5, like we would normally do).
1) Open the gate to the left of "the arena". (Climb up the ladder to open the big gate)

2) Once opened, move foward and climb up a ladder to the helipad or where the red building is (both the same place)

3) Once at helipad, you will see Civil Protection units (enemy) trying to kill you. One or both of them may deploy manhacks. Kill them all!

*4) After killing the Combine Civil Protection (enemy), walk up to the metallic red building but do not go in the door yet. Look at the "Observation" picture on the building.

Note: This "Observation" picture is not the one near G-Man (after we attempt to normally chase him) down the wall across the bridge. This would trigger G-Man to move away.

5)Now, the trigger is set for G-Man to be spawned at where he usually will be. Check G-Man sightings for this to be more certain.

Caution: Whatever you do, do not stare at G-Man "in the eye" from up at the metallic red building: this will yet again, trigger him to move away.

(If I seem to repetitive, I'm sorry, I can't afford to have this walkthrough deleted.)
6)Now, move down to "the arena" again. If you notice, when you look at him from "the arena", he does not move away. Just find two barrels from "the arena"
Tip: Look for one barrel under the water, another one near the downed ship, but this depends on how heavily bombed your arena has been like by the Hunter-Chopper.

7)Now, align the barrel to the place near the right gate, where there are two ladders: One inactivated (right?) and the other one on top, to normally climb down to activate the gate to open.
Tip:To align the barrel, make one lean against the wall, flat on the ground, making it horizontally long. The other barrel on top of the previous one, leaning against the wall, but this time vertically tall. Get it?
(Yes, I know, this will take some time to align without the gravity gun. Face it, I had to do it like this. I have a PS3 that can't activate codes!)
8) Then, jump up the barrels, climb up the ladder that we would normally go down to activate the right gate to Black Mesa East (Chapter 5). Do not activate the switch yet.
9) Once you're up the ladder, oh no! It's G-Man, not doing anything! Now, you can mess around with him in a lot of ways but I'll name to for a really mini-celebration:
a) You can shoot at him
b) You can block his path (which is to walk to the right and simply vanish with no trail)using the barrels and boxes around you.
c) You can try to kill him but nothing will work.

10) Seriously, the best is still blocking his path. Just lift barrels and small boxes to the right of him, and also push huge boxes to block his path.

But now you've found G-Man in Water Hazard, I'll give you all another head start, try killing him in Highway 17. I've done it but I am not at liberty to say yet.
I hope this reaches out to the general public for others to see what I've just witnessed, which is totally awesome. I hope this is new...

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Contributed By: radiowave on 05-25-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Just Half-Life 2 (No cheat codes)
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G-man G-man walking away
G-man G-man walking away

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WOW, this is a great egg. A little bit creepy but very interesting. It was easy, except for the barrel stacking part. I just couldn't get those damn things to stay for me. But after a few tries i go it, and sure enough... The G-Man was there! I give it a 10!
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