Cloverfield Easter Egg - Secret 17 Chapter

For a secret menu with details about news cast, slusho, and a person of intrest go into chapter selection and go to the 15-16 page. If you wait for apporoximwently two minutes you will see a 17 appear on the bottom right next to the 15-16 button. Go to and you will come to a menu with just one box. Press up and hit select on the image, the 17 does nothing. You will then be sent to a menu with a bunch of barcode looking items. Some if you select will do nothing and others will take you to diffrent menus. It is definatly worth the time and is very intresting.

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Contributed By: OnTheCall on 04-23-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
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17! some code more info!
17! some code more info!

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The barcodes with a "vd" as the last letters are the links that work. the rest do not do anything
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The person of intrest seems to be a girlfriend of a worker for a company connected to the creation of cloverfield, there is one video where she listens to an audio tape where he states he has been captured, possibly a plot or cast member in the sequel?
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largie89 writes:
I watched the sectrate chapter 17 and saw something. When you watch the video's of the oil platform colapsing you see a few things or i did. First of when we watch the video from inside the station you see men in mask's and with guns now why are they on a oil drilling platform. On the spanish version of the video i notice that when video is being take from the helicopter its blurry and quick but when it caputures the station going down you see something in the water weather its just smoke or something swiming away i dont know
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barret214 writes:
I've also watched the chapter 17 where is shows the oil rig going down on all four channels it also occured to me why those men with guns were there in the first place. But also if anybody else noticed or maybe i am just seeing things but in all the videos i noticed that the oil rig has bottom turrets on the lower deck u can barely see them but you can see them fire and the tracer rounds entering in the water.You can also spot them if u slow the film frame by frame i don't know about you but its seems kind of odd an oil rig with turrets installed on it.
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Chris writes:
Well its obvious that the Japanese guy has something to do with it, as he appears in the random advert and in some of the tv highlights as the owner of the rig. If you remember in the film the guy was going off the japan and the woman's boyfriend in the video has disappeared to some COMPANY. (like heroes all over again!!!)
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