Halo 2 Easter Egg - Giant Soccer Ball **Without Banshee**

First you must get the Sputnik Skull in the level Quarentine Zone on legendary-
At the very begining of this level turn around to see an elite holding a carbine. Walk past him and into a tunnel. Follow this tunnel to its end and walk stright out and continue stright until you reach a ledge. Follow this ledge along, careful not to fall off into the misty blue pit. At the ledge's end you will see the skull. Hold X to pick it up. Once you have the skull save and quit. (The skull makes explosions bigger so it's posible to grenade jump to the soccer ball.)

Now to find the soccer ball-
Select the level Metropolis on any dificulty (easy is advised). Drive the warthog down the bridge as fast as possible, paying no heed to the ghosts. If you're fast enough you can beat the spawn of the wraiths, but any way enter the tunnel and kill and move through the following parts of the level (make sure to pick up frag grenades) until you come out into the street past the waterfall thingy. Head stright out until you come apon a building with broken glass front. Jump on to the bottom left corner. Chuck a frag ast your feet. Before it's about to explode, jump. The explosion will propel you up into the building. If you run out of 'nades kill your fellow marines for more. Walk to the top of the earthen floor, and jump on to the metal cross-beam coming from the celing. To help aim the battle-rifle scope at the ridge. Turn right and jump on the the beam there, careful not to bump your head or you'll fall down. Then jump up onto the next beam. Jump on to the roof, and walk to your right along the roof. Jump over the gap and turn left around the corner and there it is. Yeaaaa! You've found it.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-31-2008
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