Simpsons, The Easter Egg - Life in Hell References

Here is a list of Life In Hell (Matt Groening's comics before the Simpsons) references in the Simpsons.(I will be posting pics when this is submitted.)

1.In the episode"Mom and Pop Art" When Homer is going through the Springsonian museum, Homer comes across a picture of Akbar and Jeff wearing their Fezzes.

2.In the episode"Stark Raving Dad" When Maggy is sleeping she is sleeping with what looks like Blinky the father of the rabbit family.

3.In the episode"Moe Baby Blues"When the Simpsons are in the Springfield Botanical Garden, one of the bushes is sculpted into Blinkey.

4.In the episode"Old Money"Grandpa goes to Sherman's Military Antiques to buy his girlfriend Bee a present. There is a fez there that is exactly identical to what Akbar and Jeff wear.

5.In the episode"Worst Episode Ever"Comic book guy shows off Radio Active Man's splash technique that splashes any liquid onto it to lesser comics. The comic the liquid goes onto is a comic titled Bongo, and has Bongo on it, the one eared rabbit from Life In Hell.

6.In the episode"Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington"When Lisa is feeding the squirell some airplanes go over the simpsons house. The squirell goes nuts and starts biting off the dolls heads, and one of them is Blinky.

7. In the episode"Moaning Lisa"When Bart beats Homer in the boxing game, a referee comes out to congratulate the boxer, this referee looks exactly like akbar or jeff just without the hat.

8.In the episode"Brush With Greatness"When Marge goes to the art class, the teacher explains the Lambardo method and his example is Blinky.

9.In the episode"Bart Gets Hit by a Car" If you pause when Homer is about to go into Lionel Hutz Lawfirm office the two people sitting at the table in the distance look identical to Akbar and Jeff just without the Fezzes.

10.In the episode"138th Episode Spectacular"When you go behind the scenes with the Simpsons into Matt Groenings office you can see a Life In Hell poster in the background.

11.In the episode"Lisa,The Simpson" When Lisa forgets her project she makes up one, this is exactly like the example for make your own office toys from Life In Hell.

There are also tons of them in The Tracey Ullman Show shorts, from in pictures to being dolls.

***********Be on the lookout there are probably tons more.

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Contributed By: Graham Dobbins on 02-11-2008
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jaber writes:
I own one of these books and these are oviosly "Life in Hell" charecters
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Zachary writes:
I own a book which contains all of the Life in Hell comics, and yes, these are all very interesting eggs.
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