Quake Easter Egg - RocketArena , Rated NC17

If it isnt done so already , Install Quake. (Example will be C:\Quake\ )
(Shareware version will work fine if you don't own the full version.)

After installing Quake, go to www.rocketarena.com, you will be redirected to a planetquake site dedicated to RocketArena mod,for the various Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 games.

Click on the downloads section, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and download farena12.zip, and extract its contents to C:\Quake\ID1\maps\
In the event the RocketArena official site doesnt work, just google for "farena12.zip" and find an alt location.
If you have extracted the contents correctly, you should be able to open Quake, drop to console using the ~` tilde button,and type in
MAP GEARPRON. You'll be in another, never-used map in online Q1RA gameplay, version of Gear. To see the Egg, drop console again and use FLY and NOCLIP to the center of map, and as far up as you can go. Enjoy!

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Contributed By: mindzx on 01-30-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Quake ,Rocket Arena ZIP download.
Please correct this Egg if you see errors.

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mindzx writes:
The reason this is considered an Egg, is because it was never intended to be put into map rotation,here is a list directly from the fasrv12.zip , which was needed to host a RA server,which is classic.cfg and newmaps.cfg , and when you look at the config files in the list, gear8 is listed,but gearpron ISNT listed. Spoiler at the end of comment Classic: localinfo arenarg4 mayan1 localinfo mayan1 arenazap localinfo arenazap arenarg2 localinfo arenarg2 arenax localinfo arenax terrain2 localinfo terrain2 rgarden localinfo rgarden arenarg4 map arenarg4 Newmaps: localinfo rarena3 soyarena localinfo soyarena marena2 localinfo marena2 marena3 localinfo marena3 marena4 localinfo marena4 dm2arena localinfo dm2arena barena1 localinfo barena1 uarena1 localinfo uarena1 bbarena2 localinfo bbarena2 23ar-a localinfo 23ar-a arendm1a localinfo arendm1a basarena localinfo basarena bunmoo3 localinfo bunmoo3 bunski localinfo bunski chamber1 localinfo chamber1 dom2_1ra localinfo dom2_1ra football localinfo football gear8 localinfo gear8 gnurena localinfo gnurena id3 localinfo id3 lowgrav localinfo lowgrav nilsrar3 localinfo nilsrar3 pen2 localinfo pen2 ptucket localinfo ptucket unholy localinfo unholy yard1 localinfo yard1 rarena3 map rarena3 Spoiler ~ At the top of Gear8 is the waiting room,where you spawn and wait for your turn at fighting,RA is 1-1,with a line when more than two people are playing,in Gearpron, the waiting players was treated to pornographic images , and in Gear8 , there was slabs of wood covering them labeled "Censored!"
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Starkin writes:
NC-17 stands for "Needlessly Creepy times 17" as stated by Strong Bad in the email, Winter Pool. http://hrwiki.org/index.php/winter_pool
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