Super Mario 64 Easter Egg - Stairs Bug (yes, Not Really an Egg)

OK, this bug is kinda hard, but very useful, (beat first Koba (or whatever) and get to last one).

1. when you got the first key, go into the next area, and go to the stairs to the next door.

2. stand with your back to the door at the end of the stairs (down), then use the forward jump and quickly (while in the first jump) start to go backwards while clicking the jump button (NOTICE: remember to hold the other button to use the forward jump)

3. if you did this right, you will go backwards WHILE doing the forward jump (but its called Backwards jump from now on)

4. if you press the jump button fast enough, you will gain so much speed, that you will smash through the door and you will enter the next area (if you hit the wall, you will be stuck in the wall for a few seconds)

5. now, go up the stairs, and do the same. This place is much easier because you can't reach the top of the stair, and when you start to gain the speed, you will suddenly see the top and maybe you will get pushed down into the hole.

6. go and beat Boser (or whatever) silly with your 20 stars or whatever you need ^^

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Contributed By: Andrelie on 01-12-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
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What the hell is a koba? I'm guessing you mean King Koopa AKA bowser but I have no idea how the hell you got "koba" out of "Bowser" unless English is not your first language. Please correct this mistake as there is no character in the game called "koba." I don't even know what the hell koba means.
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Also, what the f*** is "Boser"? I noticed you put "whatever" next to your misspellings like you know you're using the wrong term but you're too cool for school and don't care. If you know you're using the wrong term, in the time it took you to type "whatever" you could have put the real name but I guess you're too damn cool to use these terms properly. You're not cool because you misspelled "Koopa" and "Bowser" with Koba and Boser. It just makes you look retarded.
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