Pokemon Red/Blue (not yellow) Gameboy Color Easter Egg - Unlimited Masterballs

To get 100's of Masterballs/ any other item of your choice (e.g. Rare Candy), make the item you want the seventh in your inventory, do the following:

1. Fly to Viridian City and talk to the old man who shows you how to catch pokemon.

2. As soon as he is done talking, fly directly to Cinnabar Island and walk right in a straight line till you reach the water.

3. Surf directly up and down the very edge of the island, you may meet level 150 pokemon of different sorts, but keep on running and surfing until you meet someone called Missingno, or a name similar.

4. Run away and the seventh item in your inventory will have a funny symbol next to it, which means that you have more than 99 of it.

I would not recommend catching Missingno, but if you do the effects are very interesting. His icon on your list of pokemon is an old man, and giving him a rare candy will make him evolve into a random pokemon, but it is usually a Kangaskahn or a similar creature like Nidoran.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-12-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Gameboy Color and Pokemon Red/Blue
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TheLazenby writes:
It's Missingno. His "name" comes from the game getting confused and displaying a Pokemon without a number (he's 000) - hence, "Missing Number." Not to mention, catching him is an extremely irresponsible thing to do, because he pretty much permanently corrupts your game.
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Pheonix writes:
Not an eegg, this is a glitch in the system, making missing number. When traded, it is a kangaskun( only to silver and gold) and sometimes holding a glitch item, better known as the missing number's item. Also, if you go to the safari zone first, then quickly do this, the pokemon will be the safari zone ones. And lastly, if you catch missing number, it could make your game wrecked and unusable forever, yet a second copy of red came out, being able to with stand this, and all it did was change the pokemon in the hall of fame records, and played different music when watching it, one of which, was an atari game music.
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AngryDaven writes:
Once you catch a MissingNo. go out with it and battle a pokemon, if you win it will start to evolve tap B and it will become a lvl 100 MissingNo.
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*LukeyBwoy* writes:
Level 100+ pokemon caught during doing this also carry the same 'virus' as missingno. Except these usually take a lot longer to corrupt your system than missingno does. Alot longer. Also, On extremely rare occasions ( like 1 in a million!), if a level 100+ pokemon is caught holding a potion it will have 'unlimited' HP (It will never take damage. -My friend found this egg).
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mingmingmong writes:
His name I do not know but I do know this that Pokemon is a glitch from when they took mew or mew-two out of the game and if you catch him it will ruin your game forever you will have to buy a new game all together
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