Kirby: Air Ride Easter Egg - A Flower for You

First, go to city trial. Now this works best with dragoon, the legendary ship for flying, when you have it. Go inside the volcano and use the jump thing to go onto the floating platform. Now head directly for the castle/station, and when near it, you should see a high point. Go up next to it and pause it, if you did it at the right time, next to your stats should be the point of the building, if not, rotate the camera, or try again. Now looking on the tip top point of it, should be a little pink flower, visible only when near it. I guess the creators wanted a flower that wouldn't get wrecked, huh?


Now this is going to be hard - remember the flower? well, what you need to do is jump off your air ship and go onto the tip point (better to do it in free run as there's no time limit) now when you're up there, you will have a better view of the flower, and now, leave it running without moving for about 10-20 minutes. Kirby will fall asleep, and the flower will disappear until the level restarts, but now, all the time (whether restarted or not) you can do the events that happen there, like UFO and such, and get power-up items. Repeat the flower process to stop it.

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Contributed By: Pheonix on 01-06-2008
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Dragoon ship, game
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