Super Smash Bros. Melee Easter Egg - Secret Trophies

A huge number of trophies are available to earn throughout the game. In total, there are 290 pieces of hardware to collect. The trophies themselves are modeled after things found in many previous Nintendo games. These trophies include things like the Landmaster tank from StarFox 64, the Master Sword from Zelda, and the racers from F-Zero X.

Some of these trophies can only obtained only after completing a certain task; this list includes these kinds. I have left out character trophies and trophies aquired from the lottery or from 1 Player mode. Some of these are VERY hard to get and require a lot of work.

Male Wire Frame Clear the 100-Man Melee in 240 seconds or less
Female Wire Frame Defeat more than 100 challengers in Endless Melee Mode
Fighting Wire Frames Survive 15 minutes in Endless Melee Mode
Giga Bowser Defeat Giga Bowser without using a continue in Adventure Mode
Master Hand Clear Classic Mode on Hard or Very Hard Difficulty without continuing
Crazy Hand Complete Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard Difficulty without continuing
Food Play 1,000 Melee matches in VS Mode
Maxim Tomato Play 10 Melee matches in VS Mode
Heart Container Play 100 Melee matches in VS Mode
Lip's Stick Perform 21 combos in Training Mode
Motion-Sensor Bomb Clear Event Match 3
Metal Box Perform 11 combos in Training Mode
Bunny Hood Perform a combined total of 126 combos in Training Mode using any character(s)
Smash Coins Play Coin Battle more than 100 times
Snorlax Clear All-Star Mode on Very Hard Difficulty
Mew Clear All-Star mode on Hard or Very Hard
Sudowoodo Unlock Poke Floats hidden stage
Unown Set a record of at least 16,503 total combined feet for all characters in the Home Run Contest
Entei Clear Event Match 26
Celebi Release Celebi from a Pokeball. (After unlocking all secrets, Celebi has a 1 in 251 chance of appearing in a Pokeball.)
Coin Play Coin Match more than 100 times
Lon Lon Milk Clear the Target Test in 1,500 seconds or less
Kirby Hat 4 Unlock all hidden characters, excluding the characters listed below
Kirby Hat 5 Unlock Ganondorf, Roy, Pichu, Young Link, Dr. Mario, and Falco Lombardi
Falcon Flyer Play VS Mode Melee, Tournament Melee, or Special Melee 150 times
F-Zero Racers Collect every Red Smash Trophy in the game
Mute City Walk past 10,000m, combined with all characters
Kraid Play VS Mode, Tournament Melee, or Special Melee 50 times
UFO Play VS Mode, Tournament Melee, or Special Melee 100 times
Game & Watch Clear Event Match 45
Target Clear the Target Test with every character
Sandbag Hit Sandbag 990 feet or more in the Home Run Contest
Battlefield Clear Regular Match's All-Star Mode
Final Destination Clear Event Match 51
Goomba Clear Even Match 14
Paper Mario Hit Sandbag 1,485 feet or more in the Home Run Contest
Wario Clear All-Star Mode without using a continue
Marin Unlock the Sound Test
Majora's Mask Clear Event Match 47
Landmaster Tank Earn a combined total of 1,001 Kos
Wolfen Clear Adventure Mode in 1,100 seconds
Samus's Starship Escape from Brinstar in Adventure Mode
Meowth Collect every Blue Smash Trophy in the game
Tom Nook Earn a total of 1,001 coins
Mr. Resetti Score 5 KOs in the Stadium's Cruel Melee
Captain Olimar Insert a Memory Card with a saved Pikmin file
Donkey Kong Junior Collect every playable character's first trophy
Mach Rider Clear Classic Mode in 300 seconds or less
Sheriff Clear the Target Test in 750 seconds or less
Diskun Earn points in every Bonus Round category

The Real Secret Trophies!

Just like in many other video games, there are things hidden deep within the memory that we're not supposed to know about... In the case of Super Smash Bros. Melee, there are three secret trophies that cannot be earned in North America.

If you manage to earn each and every normal trophy in the game, you'll have a grand total of 290 trophies. But by using special Action Replay codes, it's possible to have a total of 293 trophies. Sure, it's only three trophies... But for SSBM fanatics, they're "must have" additions to make their game files complete.

Tamagon - This trophy can be unlocked in the Japanese version of SSBM, but it was removed from the North American version. The reason? Apparently this trophy was taken out simply because the game that this character is from is associated with demons and devils.

Mario & Yoshi - Just like many other special events in the game, a special message is displayed on your screen when you 'earn' the Mario and Yoshi Trophy. Most of the game's trophies only involve one character, but this one features both Mario and Yoshi, in a tribute to Super Mario World. This special trophy was apparently a reward for players during a special event in Japan. Some of the players attending this event were lucky enough to have this bonus trophy written to their memory cards. The Mario & Yoshi trophy features a special message.

Samus Unmasked - The Mario & Yoshi trophy features a special message, and so does the Samus Unmasked trophy. The Bounty Hunting star of the Metroid series is rarely ever seen without her protective mask, often only long enough for a quick glimpse. She still wears all her protective armor, and I don't think we could ask Justin Bailey to help us out here....

Many people thought that the Mario & Yoshi and Samus Unmasked trophies could be obtained in the same fashion as the Captain Olimar trophy: paying on a memory card containing Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime data. It's too bad that these trophies weren't seretly awaiting memory saves to be unlocked. It would have added amazing value to the game by unlocking new trophies after buying games that weren't even finished when Smash Bros Melee was released. Too many people's diappointment, Pikmin was the only game to have such a feature.

Two More Left!!!

As with all games, changes were made to Super Smash Bros Melee before it was released.

Motion Sensor Bomb - this trophy was known as the Proximity Mine. And instead of being based on the mine from Goldeneye (current), it looked exactly like a Proximity Mine from Perfect Dark. When the game was released, the item had a new name. The previous item text made reference to the "Carrington Institue", when now it simply states that it has been a favorite weapon of spies and other stealthy operatives.

One thing that's different from this mine and the one found in 007, is the eerie green glow that radiates from the bomb. This was likely added for effect, to make players aware that the bomb is armed instead of simply lying on the ground for pickup. And for the game description, instead of saying that the weapon is from Goldeneye, it says Top Secret. Nice touch.

Topi - Topis are creatures found in the game Ice Climbers. In SSBM, they can be gained as a trophy and are also found in the Ice Climber stage and found at random in crates, barrels, and Party Balls. Before, the Topi was a seal, sleek and blue. However, he was later changed to the current shaggy, white furred creature in the current game.

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Pictures and Videos

Tamagon from the game, Mario & Yoshi, dedicated to Samus Unmasked, from
Tamagon from the game, "Demon World" Mario & Yoshi, dedicated to "Super Mario World" Samus Unmasked, from "Metroid"
Proximity Mine from Topi from Topi's in the Ice Climber Level
Proximity Mine from "Perfect Dark" Topi from "Ice Climbers" Topi's in the Ice Climber Level

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it is possible to get the motion-sensor bomb by playing as master hand on the 3rd event using the name entry glitch
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