Mata Nui Online Game Easter Egg - Beware the Bohrok!

Go read 'Hafu is a hard worker!' to find out how to get a Kanoka Club account and get MNOLG.

In the game, go to Chapter Seven. Talk to Jaller (I will join the Guard. What do you need me to do?). Leave, and from here, walk forward, turn around, and go right, up the stairs. Show the Ensign to the guard marching here. Take the cable car up Mount Ihu, up to Ko-Koro. From here, go inside the little building. Take the heat stone. Go back outside. Go through that little valley of snow until you come across a Matoran (Kopeke, to be in fact) frozen in the ice. Use the heat stone on him. Turn back around. Follow him to the secret door. You can talk to him if you like, but the only useful thing he'll say is how the Ta-Koronan guard died. Go through the tunnel on the right. Alright, now here, I cannot really explain much, because only true Bionicle fans know this puzzle. I will tell you this - from left to right, the symbols on the bottom of the wall mean this - Ice, Fire, Water, Stone, Earth, and Air. The object is to match each Toa's mask that is related to the element on the top row, and the Turaga's mask related to each element on the bottom. Ice is already filled in for you, so you don't have to worry about that one. Walk until you reach Ko-Koro. Talk to the Matoran on the left (Where is Matoro?). Go through the door. Walk through the tunnel and out onto the mountain. Try your best at this mess; try to find the red flags blowing about in the wind. After you're done wandering about for awhile, you'll come across a rock. It bears the face of Mata Nui on it; brush the snow off of it.

And from here, any well-trusted Bionicle fan will know what this says.

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Contributed By: Hapori Tohu on 12-21-2007
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: Kanoka Club Account, MNOLG (downloaded), and (optionally), the walkthrough
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It says 'Beware the Swarm', referring to the Bohrok.
It says 'Beware the Swarm', referring to the Bohrok.

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Tron writes:
There's something similar to this in the woods, just after leaving Le-Koro, on a moss covered rock, a message is scrawled in matoran: you wake one, you wake them all.
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Hapori Tohu writes:
That's already explained in another egg that I posted.
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