MarbleBlast Gold Easter Egg - Super/low/zero/negative Gravity (Cheat code)

This cheat gives you the info on how to change your gravity in MarbleBlast Gold!

1. Go to a level.
2. Press ~ (Shift-`, the ` is to the left of the 1 key)
3. type defaultmarble.gravity=1; for low gravity, or change the number for hilarious variations. Default is 20. I beat the last level in 9 seconds with this cheat
4. When you're done, DO NOT press Continue. Press Replay and then exit — this resets the gravity.

1. Disable the F10 key in System Preferences.
2. Go to a level.
3. Press F10.
Follow instructions 3 and 4 above.

Have fun!

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Contributed By: Bob the Moose on 12-07-2007
Reviewed By: MonicaIngram
Special Requirements: MarbleBlast Gold
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Whirligig writes:
Actually, the console provides access to TorqueScript, a full scripting language -- meaning you can mess with a lot more than the gravity! You can, for instance, change the marble's bounciness, jump height, speed, etc. For more information, see my post at (If you have trouble making sense of that post, scroll down to where it lists shapeFile, emap, etc. Try replacing the "gravity" in the line you type with these.) It's also possible to move stuff around, teleport the marble, etc. Some of these things are rather advanced, though, and some require the usage of external files rather than just the console. If you type "$testcheats=1;" in the console the same way (making sure you enter the dollar sign and semicolon, but no quotes), pressing F11 in any level will open the level editor! You won't be able to make entirely original levels without access to a .dif creation program (see for more information), but it's one of the most useful features in the game. If you wait for ~30 seconds on the home screen, a demo level will play. If before opening a level you type "$dorecorddemo=true;" it'll record a new demo. These are just a few of the many possibilities, and some of the simplest ones. As an example of how complicated things can get, to teleport the marble five units up in the air, you would type: ClientGroup.getObject(0).player.setTransform(VectorAdd(ClientGroup.getObject(0).player.position,"0 0 5") SPC "1 0 0 0"); Kind of long, isn't it?
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