Halo 3 Easter Egg - Dancing Man

On the level Halo, before you exit the cave (To come out the other side and fight a hellacious, seemingly never ending battle to get the the top of the building...) before you get to the drop off which leads to a check point. there is an area in which you can turn right and go into a room that is basically empty besides having one of those eyes that reads scripture to you. a room beyond that would be full of the useless blue lasers. upon leaving this area. There is an area that you will fall to your death EVERY time which consists of a giant blue lazer shooting across near the bottom. You will notice that by looking directly in front of the drop off, there is a ledge that is much to far to leap to on your own...This is where your second player comes into play. Have 1 guy stand right by the ledge, while the other jumps to his death. This will respawn the player that jumped, directly on top of the player standing on the ledge. Now have the player on the bottom jump off the ledge (While the other player is on top of him) and time it right so the guy on top can jump giving him the extra distance to land on the next ledge which was much too far of a jump to reach alone. the next ledge directly across from you can be reached by getting a small running start and jumping. Once you are on the 3rd ledge turn your flashlight on and look to the left ledge. You will see a 2d picture cut out of what appears to be one of the developers dancing. Pretty Entertaining...Pretty Useless...But still an egg.

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Contributed By: Stevo Supremo on 12-02-2007
Reviewed By: David Wolf
Special Requirements: 2 Players (Campaign)
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what the guy looks like
what the guy looks like

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MIdAS writes:
you can also use a grenade to get the extra height/distance you need, chuck one so it lands near the edge of the ledge you are on, and run& jump before it explodes, the explosion SHOULD give you a boost, and carry you to the egg, If you muck it up, just try again.
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My friend and I did this once, but we did it a bit differently. He would run towards the ledge and jump and I would shoot a rocket at the ground right where he jumped as he jumped. It ended up blowing him across to the far-away ledge. From there, we just jumped over to the ledge where the figure is.
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Daz writes:
This is also on halo two look at the egg "macho man" he is doing the same thing except he is being held by a grunt apparently
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"J" Fuzz writes:
I can't remember where I heard this from, but the guy's name is Jason Jones.
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IQkiller1221 writes:
It don't seem to be working for me, me and my friend did it but every time we came up short, I even used the fuel rod gun!
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Master writes:
The man isn't dancing. He is just jumping up and down.
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