Fable: The Lost Chapters Easter Egg - Tombstones in the Necropolis

In the Necropolis there are some tombstones that are named for certain people such as:

1) Georg W. "He gave support until the end"
Making fun at George W. Bush.

2) Capt. Jack "May the wind be at your back, sir"
Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribian.

There may be more, but none that I knew.

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Contributed By: boonski on 11-17-2007
Reviewed By: David Wolf, MorPH
Special Requirements: Fable: The Lost Chapters
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Reference to Guybrush Threepwood of the Monkey Island series
Reference to Guybrush Threepwood of the Monkey Island series

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Stauf writes:
The gravestones in the Graveyard where you have to collect the armor for the skeleton, there are a couple stones that make references to The Addams Family and The Monkey Island series of games. The Addams Family Reference: One of the stones reads "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc", the Addams Family motto. Monkey Island Reference: Another of the headstones says "No man can hold his breath for ten minutes", referencing Guybrush Threepwood's unusual ability to hold his breath for ten minutes.
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