Sunshine Easter Egg - Subliminal images from 00:49:21 (mystery faces)

At time marker 00:49:21, (and three times after that in the same scene) when the crew is entering the entering Icarus 1, flashlight beams move across the camera lens at certain points. On some of these occasions, subliminal images appear (four times in total).

Contrary to some reports, they are not flashes of an image of the director (Danny Boyle), but are in fact images of some of the crew from Icarus 1 - you briefly see the full image of all of the crew shortly afterwards (they are all smiling and wearing Hawaiian shirts). The concept of the subliminal images is to lower the viewer's guard, and also increase the impact of the subsequent scenes (no spoilers, but it's not pretty).

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Contributed By: jringeno on 11-11-2007
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, The Myth Mapper JC
Special Requirements: DVD, frame by frame
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Pictures and Videos

Director Danny Boyle 49:32 49:40
Director Danny Boyle 49:32 49:40
This pic appears at about 50:42 in the movie and there are several flashes before... 50:42 50:47
This pic appears at about 50:42 in the movie and there are several flashes before... 50:42 50:47
appears on 01:13:07
appears on 01:13:07

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i was watching it last night at 1:am and those images scared the hell out of me! i thought i was seeing things
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BFrazier411 writes:
I just wanted to point out that while I was watching the movie I saw not four but six pictures total. The first picture is the only one I can find a copy of on the internet, a white-dude smiling with a Hawaiian shirt and a lei, I guess he is supposed to be the director? But this picture is at the 49:19 - 49:20 mark. Then there is a black chick in a Hawaiian shirt smiling at the 49:30 - 49:31 mark. Then there is another white dude smiling with a blue Hawaiian lei on at the 49:38 - 49:39 mark. Then there is an oriental-looking dude wearing a red and yellow lei and a green Hawaiian shirt smiling at the 50:39 - 50:40 mark. Immediately following there is a picture (only half of which is showing) of what looks to be the same white dude with the blue lei (only it is a half picture) at the 50:40 - 50:41 mark. The final picture is at the 50:45 - 50:46 mark of another oriental-looking guy this time he bears a blue lei wearing a mostly white Hawaiian shirt, instead of smiling like all of the others in the pictures, this guy is yelling "o" or something. I just wished that someone would have been able to post all of those pictures on the web instead of just the first one so that everyone who watches the movie and gets confused at that part (like me and everyone who probably reads this) do not have to spend an hour going frame-by-frame to see these pictures. That is the reason I made my best attempt to describe all of these pictures in some detail to give some peace of mind to others like me out there who did want to see what these hidden pictures are, and may you not have to waste the time finding these pictures that I did.
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fatih writes:
first time i saw one of them i terribly scared. Actually i have heard of those subliminal images earlier, but never thought that i m gonna see or notice one. Thanks to google image search i took a snapshot of that scene and a searched the image, then find this site. Thank you guys, now that i know exact positions of all subliminal frames. :)
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Skal Tura writes:
Those flashes are damn scary! On the first one i almost jumped on my chair. First time around watching this movie i stopped there because of them, even tho i bothered to find out the picture exactly what it contains. Ruined that experience for me. Really stupid thing to do, and put subliminal images into it, maybe on big screen you won't notice, but i can sure as hell notice them on computer screen. And i dislike the idea of being displayed hidden content
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