Kickin' It Old Skool Easter Egg - Dr. Fry's Ferrari...

Hello Egg Hunters!

1) Insert Kickin It Old Skool into DVD player.

2) Skip to the sceen where the doctor comes into the Hospital room where Justin (Jaimie Kennedy) is in a coma.

3) Note the following details about the doctor played by Alan Ruck:

a) The name of the character is Dr. Frye (or Fry according to certain closed captions), This is an allude to another character played by Alan Ruck from Ferris Buellers Day Off by the name of Cameron Frye.

b) When Justins parents comment on paying for the medical bills to care for him Drr. Frye sympathizes by saying, "I know how that is... I'm still paying for that Ferrari...". At first one might think that this is implying Dr. Frye is paying for a Ferrari with the family's medical bills (which it may also be) but, in fact, this is an allude to Cameron Frye. In FBDO Ferris convinces Cameron to take his fathers Ferrari out for a spin... Eventually the car gets wrecked. This implies that Cameron became a doctor and is still paying back his father.

Well, thats the Egg.. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Hunting!

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Contributed By: DellowMan on 11-11-2007
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, The Myth Mapper JC
Special Requirements: Kickin It old Skool DVD and knowledge of Ferris Buellers Day Off
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