Area 51 Easter Egg - Hidden Room of Sharks with Guns

To get to this room you must play the level "The Grays" Here are the steps to get there.

1. get off the gravity monorail you enter the level on. And enter through door at the end of the landing.

2. Turn right and enter a room. This room has an alien turret on either side of a door across the room from where you just entered, destroy them and move through the door.

3. A few balls of light will move across the room and turn into dark-ops soldiers, kill them take items from the item dispensors and walk through the door right of where you came in.

4. When you enter this room a few more balls of light will move across the room and turn into dark-ops, kill them and use the hologram station across from where you entered. When you use it it should say "Lifter Engaged".

5. Walk back outside to where you entered on the monorail (It will be gone now) and jump onto the rail, if you do this before engaging the lifter you will die.

6. Now walk along the monorail towards the blue area at the end of the track when you reach it you will be transported to the room.

7. Once there kill the sharks in the the water around the room and turn around, before exiting throgh another blue area be sure to collect the weapons around you, one of these weapons is the Meson cannon, which you normally get a level after.

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Contributed By: Jack on 10-10-2007
Reviewed By: David Wolf, The Myth Mapper JC
Special Requirements: This works on xbox not sure about anything else
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