Toy Story 2 Easter Egg - Star Wars Spoofs

Alright,so we all know that Toy Story and Toy Story 2 had a ton of references and such to the Star Wars movies,but did you catch all of them?I have heard that George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) helped with the animation programs that Pixar used,which would explain why Pixar added everything to their Toy Story movies.

1.In the first movie,Buzz explains his mission to Woody.He mentions that he knows top secret information that can help to defeat Emperor Zurg.Does this sound a little familiar?It should.In Star Wars ep. 4,R2D2 is sent to deliver a top secret message to Leia on how to destroy the Death Star.

2.Also in the first movie Sid is torturing Woody and he says some of the same phrases Darth Vadar uses when torturing Leia about where the Rebel Force is hiding.

3.Onto the second movie.In the very beginning T-Rex is playing a video game as Buzz.Almost half the sound effects are directly from the Star Wars movies.When the laser things are all shooting at Buzz,all the shooting sounds are the same as the sound of the laser guns in the Star Wars movies.When Buzz waves his hand through the "battery" labeled something like 'Zurg's power sourrce' it's the same sound effect as used as the light sabers in the movies.There's a lot of other same sound effects in the video game.Catch em all?

4.When Buzz gets shoved into the box by Buzz #2,he's in the same pose as Han Solo when he gets frozen for a second.

5.Of course,the big scene that probably everyone noticed and what supplied most of the laughs,when Zurg and Buzz have their big duel on the elavator.They fight and Buzz says, 'You killed my father!' Where Zurg replies, 'No Buzz, I am your father!' Of course this is straight from Star Wars ep. 5 where Darth Vadar reveals himself to young Luke Skywalker.

6.This isn't really something from Star Wars,but Buzz #2 gives Buzz the familiar Star Trek finger symbol.Also,the up arrow on the elevator in Al's apartment complex is the Star Trek symbol.

Alright,so there you go,almost all of the Star Wars spoofs and references.I probably haven't noticed everything,but that's the most of it.

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Contributed By: gruvigirl77 on 08-06-2007
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Special Requirements: toy story 2 movie and knowledge of star wars
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lindrak writes:
wow thats pretty funny, nice egg.
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Dan Slep writes:
Spoofs are obvious snippets of comedy and therefore cannot be classed as eggs. Re-read the specification of an egg if you do not agree.
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Joes Morgue writes:
George Lucas was the essential founder of Pixar. It was originally a Lucas Arts family member
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moviemaniac writes:
HA! i love star wars! but when you said " Darth Vader revealed himself to Luke" i nearly pissed myself! no offense!
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