Zelda: Twilight Princess Easter Egg - Blast from the Past

Go to Upper Zora's River area in the Lanayru Province. Later on in the game there is a warp to this place.

In this area you should see the Boat Rental Shop, one of the Howling Stones and a lone door (on the small map it's directly north). Go through this door to enter the fishing area. On your right is a house. Enter this house and directly in front of you will be 5 pictures on the wall.

The pictures will only contain some shots of the owners relatives catches. BUT, on the last picture to the right will have the fisherman owner from the Ocarina of Time with a HUGE catch in his hand (The Hylian Loach).

When viewing this picture the shop owner says:
"That's one of Hyrule's Legendary master fisherman! Look, he's got a Hylian loach, doesn't he?"
"He just may be one of my ancestors!"
"Of course, I can't actually PROVE that...it's kinda just wishful thinking on my part."

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Contributed By: Finder on 08-03-2007
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Special Requirements: Access to the fishing shop in Upper Zora River
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Pheonix writes:
I caught one of them, 29 pounds, and he says "Thats a Hyrulian Loach(I thought it was Roach) those are indangered, lets return him back to the sea." Then you get 500 rupees. (ocarina of time)
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