Splinter Cell Double Agent Easter Egg - Email About the Ninja @ Displace

In the 'current' gen versions of Double Agent there are only two levels including the "JBA Headquarters" while in the next-gen versions there are 4. NOW - in the SECOND and final JBA level you are to penetrate deeper and deeper into the complex to sample the Red Mercury. From the beginning simply access your OPSAT and use the left and right triggers to ascertain which portion of this underground area is labeled "Old Bunker". When you reach this room be sure to access the computer closest to the corner and on it will be the email that follows (although you really don't need to as I am posting it here).

The email itself is from one JBA member to another about ghosts. The "egg" comes in where he begins talking about the ninja @ Displace. In Splinter Cell Chaos Theory there was a level in New York City that involved the infiltration of "Displace International", the company owned by Douglas Shetland (they host military contracts of various forms). The ninja the JBA member is talking about is of course our beloved Sam Fisher, and yes - he kicked many-a butt in that mission. Enjoy!

From: J Moore
To: A Hendu
Date: 2008 – 12 – 13
Subject: Ghosts

Dude, we’re in New Orleans, so it’s probably some kind of voodoo crud or something. The whole city is haunted and stuff. Bill thinks it’s a ninja now. He says he had this friend working at Displace when they had the blackout and this ninja guy dressed in black came in and kicked everybody’s butt. So he thinks it’s a ninja. But if it is a ninja we’d all be dead, right? Because the ninja would kill us. So it can’t be a ninja. I’m thinking it might be a ghost, though.

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Contributed By: JPhinfan86 on 07-18-2007
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, racedogg2
Special Requirements: At least the XBOX version (excluding the 360 and PS3 versions for certain)
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