Duke Nukem 3D Easter Egg - Episode 3 Secret Levels

These are the ways to get to the secret levels on episode 3.

Secret level 1 Tier Drops
1. Start E3L5
2. Go to the blue key area
3. There should be 2 doors one requires a yellow key, and the other doesnt. Go in the one that doesnt.
4. Go and and turn left, there should be a moon scene with the yellow key, a monster, body parts, blood, and a moon base.
5.Next to the moon base is a sign that says "USA"
6. Activate the sign and you should see a door open.
7. In there u will see a green amtoic sign and hear a voice say "Secret Level"
8. Now hit the amtoic sign and go to tier drops!!

Secret level 2 and Indian Jones. Freeway
1. Start E3L8
2. Go to the upper bar
3. The area with the pots of flames should be a waterfall
4. Jump into the waterfall and you will be teleported to a jungle.
5. Go down and u will see all these bushes/trees.
6. Go in there and u will agian see a green atomic sign and a voice say "Secret Level" Push it and go to freeway
7.But wait therese another secret in that jungle area.
8. There sohuld be a hand print somewere.
9. Hit it and u should find Indiana Jones and a funny one liner.
10. If u get the amtoic health in there, the place will squish u!! GET OUT!!!

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