Megadollar Blackjack Easter Egg - Two Faced Dealer

I know of 2 eggs in this game. Mega Internet Tournaments launched a blackjack game somewhere in 2005 or 2006 as a new addition to their spades, hearts and trivia games. This game will be around for a long time as it's one of their best ones and they spend a great deal of time putting this thing together. 'BlackJack coming soon' was their tag line advertisement for probably a year. Their programmer obviously wanted his signature on the game and I found it while putzing around the screen before hitting the 'deal' button.

Egg#1 - After the intro, the dealer sits there asking you to place your bet. If you mouseover around the screen you will find some hot spots. You have to click the wall light behind the dealer, then click one of the round windows (leading to the kitchen?)to the right of the screen, then click on one of the guy's heads sitting at the bar. If you do it in the right order, the dealer's head will be replaced by the grinning bouncing head of the guy who I would guess, programmed the game. The dealer's head returns to normal after the deal is done.. at least it did for me.

Egg#2 - The other egg can be seen when you click on the name tag of the cartoonish cashier at the end of the game... a Las Vegas post card pops up with the same guy and the cashier (real photo). Looks like the cartoon cashier was modeled after this girl.

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Contributed By: haloparc on 05-20-2007
Reviewed By: David Wolf, racedogg2
Special Requirements: MegaDollar's Mega Blackjack
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