True Crime: New York City Easter Egg - True Crime Assorted Eggs!

1. During the rooftop fight with Benjamin, follow him on the zipline to the next building. When you land, he'll say, "You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you?" This is a reference to Kill Bill Vol. 1, which had a similar rooftop zen-garden battle.

2. Go to the shore closest to the Statue of Liberty. There will be a small park near there. One of the signs in the park warns visitors to keep their hands out of their pants. Hmm.

3. Go to any office building interior and look at a dry-wash marker board. Most of the time, the letters "V83?" will be written in the top-right hand corner. This is a reference to another Luxoflux game, Vigilante 8, and how they have toyed with the idea of making a third sequel for a long time.

4. Go to any Times Square-style area and look for a ticker tape below a billboard. The "stocks" that are going up represent things like Rap, Hip Hop, and Activision.

5. There is a ped in the game that wears a worn shirt that says, accurately enough, "PED". They appear randomly, so keep an eye out on the streets.

6. During the "Red Gone Wild" minigame, Red will say something like, "I'll kill all you cockroaches!" after picking up a weapon or shooting someone. The phrase itself and the way he pronounces cockroach are references to the movie Scarface.

7. Also in "Red Gone Wild", you can find Red's custom Hummer parked a few blocks from where you start. When entering it, he says a few (funny) comments, referencing Transformers in the process.

8. One of the first fight arenas in the game is the real-life CBGB's music club.

9. On some fences, mainly ones with wooden boards on them and can be climbed, there will be posters on them with the True Crime: Streets of LA box art.

10. And finally, for the die-hard True Crime fans, remember the billboards in the first game for the True Crime: Streets of LA movie? Well, go to any Time Square style are and look around. One sign advertises the True Crime: Streets of LA move, this time it's slated for mid-2007. For real, this time? We can only hope.

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Contributed By: Spencer on 04-15-2007
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