Arfenhouse Easter Egg - Hidden Messages in Arfenhouse 6

These are easter eggs hidden in the internet animation Arfenhouse 6. It's a very random animation, but funny. Link to it: (Warning: Mature content)

1 - When Billy (yellow ball) get's "Blam'd", look at the computer screen after he says "I shuddv gotten fyvvzz on thiss karrartp!!!". There will appear "Presented by (Newgrounds icon)". Roll the mouse over the NG icon (tank icon) and a text about Newgrounds will appear (you should zoom to see it. See 2 for instructions).
1b - Then, before the computer self destructs, look at the screen again. When it reaches zero, it says OSHIT or 0SHIT very fast. You should stop the movie to see it (instructions on 2).

2 - Go to the scene where they're playing Monopoly (First look at the board. Under the Monopoly logo it says "Joseph always loses edition" and on the "Go to jail" square it says "Joe sucks"). When Dog wants to trade properties, right click on the movie and press Play. Animation will stop. Right click again and press Zoom in. Zoom the property cards. You'll see the name of properties written in 1337 language and on the bottom "Easter eggs Could've Gone Here". Later, when Woogy says he has the porno factory, stop and zoom in the card. It will say "mortgage" in 1337 and if you read down it says information about it. On the bottom it says "Easter Eggs DID Go Here But Not Here-Here Look A Little Higher Up". When Joe says he wrote that on the back of St. Charles place zoom the card and look at the bottom. There will be a fake binary code (or something I don't know :S).

3 - When they are in Hawaii, go to the part when Housemaster takes Joe's eye. From that part, you can click the eye (preferredly at the end, when it falls). When you click it, you'll hear a voice saying "You're poking in the eye. This eyeball feels... squishy".

4 - When Mah Freend Amy (the head with a toy-cassette player) starts to sing gibberish in the credits, you can click the cassette player to make it explode at the moment and not a few seconds later.

5 - At the end of the movie, after you read a code like </END GAME> it says "...REAL PEACE" at the bottom right.

6 - I don't know if there's another egg that links to this one I'm going to tell, but it doesn't matter. At the very end, where you can "PLEY AGNEEEEN", right click and press Play. You'll see a hidden scene of the movie without subtitles.

SPOILER OF THE HIDDEN SCENE: Two guys are talking in the Spays Chip. Suddenly, Joe appears falling on the Spays Chip and one of the guys says "Lo' Joe". Joe says "Screwed."

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-15-2007
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