Half-Life 2 Easter Egg - Oh Lazlo, we hardly knew ye.

During Chapter 8, Sandtraps, right after the fight in the lighthouse, you'll continue past a loading screen. Just after this, you'll talk to two rebels who say "Don't go on the sand, the antlions are going crazy!" Normally, one of the rebels moves and both are killed by the antlions. However, if you can kill all the antlions before they both die, you'll hear a special speech. "Lazlo! The greatest mind of his generation..." and so on. Pretty cool little egg. Tip: I used the sk_plr_num_shotgun_pellets # cheat to help kill the antlions quickly. Try replacing # with 400-500.

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Contributed By: vortex_oow on 04-11-2007
Reviewed By: racedogg2, dicai
Special Requirements: Just Half Life 2, maybe a cheat or two
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You dont need to cheat to beat the antlions you just need skill. i can do it with the pistol no problem.
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plazcheeter writes:
hahaha i just killed the antilions {smg1 easy} and the guy said the lazlo thing i thought it was pretty wierd
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leming17 writes:
After killing all the antlions so one fella survives he ends his statement with something like "go. there is something I have to do." Once after I did left him there and go like 20 meters behind the rock so I couldn't see the guy I heard a single shot so I went back to see what happened and he was laying dead. I'm not sure if it was scripted or if it was done by a rouge antlion who miss-targeted me (I remember I felt on the sand so some antlions spawned to attack me, maybe I didn't hear more shots because I was busy shooting, but when I got there there was no antlion). As I said it was the only time I have seen this and ever since I did try and after few times I have spotted some strange message in console: 'actor Tobias couldn't be found' or something like this, and it shows shortly after the guy finish talking. In my opinion it's either way a self censorship or the guy died as a consequence of some of my actions, and I'd rather think it was cut.
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Yrr writes:
This isn't an egg, you're meant to save him (It's really easy), he tells you about the Vortigaunt camp and how to avoid the Antlions. And his suicide is a scripted event too (triggered when you reach somewhere, so you can never see it).
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