Resistance: Fall of Man Easter Egg - Hidden Garden Gnomes

To get to this easter egg, we must go beyond the games boundries.
In the level "Hunted Down" of the conversion center, after passing the docks and going through a large warehouse, you will find yourself outside and in front of a staircase. The staircase will have a rack containing 3 energy balls at the base of the steps.
Go to the 2nd or 3rd highest step and jump onto the hand railing. Look directly down and step slightly higher until you are standing directly on top of the highest pole attatched to the rail. Turn around (looking in direction of bottom of steps)walk forward, jump, and strafe right. If this is done correctly, you will find yourself standing on the upper ledge above the staircase. Turnaround, walk to the end of the ledge (away fromt the water tower)turn left and walk up the hill. When you get to the top, walk to the right. Turn 180, Walk down the right half of the roof top and jump across the gap, to deck looking area.
There is a slightly higher, sloped rooftop to the left. Go to the edge of the deck, and jump onto that slightly higher roof top. On the opposite end of that roof top, there is an antenna, and a board connecting to another roof. Jump across this board to the roof, and turn left. Jump from this roof to the next deck looking area. Once across, you will notice a sort of beach house, built on the rocks with stilts. When looking at the front of the house, the gnome will be sitting on a rock ledge to the left.

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Contributed By: Jesse24 on 03-16-2007
Reviewed By: arrell, racedogg2
Special Requirements: PS3 and game
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Theres another that me and my mate found on co op , the problem comes as to we have no idea how we get to these places. we think that with pricice timeing and a hefty bit of luke is needed. My friend died just before entering a lift and I continued without him. When he eventually respawned he had somehow ended up on the roof of the lift and could move about the game boundrys. this has happened twice. Once in the level conversion with the lift just before you hit the first set of pop up turret/mines, not much to see here, and once in the level hunted down, i think correct me if im wrong, when you take the lift before you see the large group of Meneals working through a window. With this we could go around and take a closer look at the Meneals( they cannot acually be killed). The second option is not recomended that you both enter because you connot get back easily.
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