Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Easter Egg - Secret City Snowglobe

1 Spy
2 Mercenaries

Start the level Clubhouse. Get the spy to do the midget glitch (hang from a pole by your legs by hanging, pressing Y then X then shooting a sticky camera at a wall, then shooting it again with another) and then go and go to the top elevator and go around the wall, there is a vent. Go through it and go to the wire on the end. Jump on it. Walk across the edge to the right CAREFULLY! Once across, press B twice to get out of midget glitch. Get the mercenaries to stand against the glass and walk back. Grab them by the neck and pull them both through. Knock them out with R. You must have the mercenaries heal eachother. After that take them past the vent back over into that corner. Grab them and face them to the corner. Hit them with R. They should be on the other side of the invisible wall. On the other side is a city in a snowglobe in a cube floating there.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-12-2007
Reviewed By: Loginer, racedogg2
Special Requirements: The Game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theroy and Xbox live, or some buddys
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