Super Mario 64 Easter Egg - Out of Range

an interesting trick...
okay, you must have 120 stars. now go outside, hop into the cannon and go to the roof. Yoshi can wait. now, go to the RIGHT-hand side (from the garden), go to the little stone platform right at the back corner and edge ever so carefully towards the edge and try to fall and hang off. if you are using an emulator, a save state might be useful, as falling and getting back on the roof is annoying. now if you've done that, shimmy toward the invisible wall as far as you can and press up or (A). what happens? you lose your hat, Bowser laughs, and you appear at the bridge.

i minor note: you do die, so if you have one life left, it might be useful to collect some 1-ups from the roof or talk to yoshi.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-01-2007
Reviewed By: Jabberwocky, MorPH
Special Requirements: 120 stars, the game and a nintendo 64 or emulator (i'm not here to uphold the law)
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Somebody writes:
This isn't an egg. The combination of falling off the side and pulling yourself back up moves you slowly to the side. Do it close enough to the edge of the programmed world, and Mario will push himself out of bounds, resulting in his death. This is actually the result of poor programming, and not the result of an Egg.
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i was here writes:
um, yeah, i knew that. i didn't really think it was going to get published anyway. but what about the other super mario 64 egg? the one with the mountainside? that's not an egg, but it was allowed.
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