Toy Story 2 Easter Egg - Knick Knack Mermaid:Exposing?

Ok so many know about the Knick Knack mermaid (Knick Knack is a short video by pixar and was shown along with Finding Nemo)
In the scene where Ham is fast flipping through the channels, go in slo mo and you will see many clips
But there comes a time during this when the camera focuses on Rex and Ham and they are talking while he is still flipping
just after this scene, when the camera is back onto the TV screen, there will be a frame in which the mermaid from knock-knack is show, but exposing her breasts a lot!!
It was not there in the original knock knack (was wearing a bikini, but exposure was less)

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-02-2006
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, racedogg2
Special Requirements: Slow Motion, a copy of the CD
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Ham flips channels too quickly
Ham flips channels too quickly

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Mark writes:
Actually, she's not exposing herself, she's wearing a very small suit. This is the way she appeared in the original "Knick Knack." The short that appears on the "Toy Story 2" DVD and the "Pixar Shorts" DVD is a more 'politically correct' version of her. In the original "Knick Knack" the mermaid was also very buxom and wore starfish instead of a bikini top. I'll post a screen shot from TS2.
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Rosie writes:
Actually, that isn't the mermaid, it's the other "girl" that appears before the mermaid does, next to the other souvenirs. In the short film "Knick knack" at the beginning there's a whole bunch of souvenirs on the top of the shelf and one of them (I think from Miami) is a swimming pool with a girl sitting on the edge. The image you're showing is of that girl, not the Atlantis mermaid souvenir that is on the fish bowl.
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