FireFox Easter Egg - Color Me Microsoft

This is rather similar to the crap color on IE Eggs, but unlike crap color, this is rather fishy to be a accidental.

We all know that Microsoft has been extensively using blue color on Windows and for most of its software. Windows' 95 to XP default theme color is blue, Notepad, Wordpad, IE, ShowDesktop, MS Word's and many of MS's program's logo are blue and white colored, MS's website theme color is blue on almost all the whole site. Arguably, we could say that blue is MS's favourite color.

Try putting a similar trick to the crap color trick (suggested by Nielsen Hans)

javascript: void ( document.bgColor = 'microsoft' )
copy the code above and paste it on a blank browser windows (opening it on blank browser windows only works in IE, on other browser like Firefox and Opera, you need to open a website, choose, I've tested to be able to get a color change from the code) it would give a blue color on IE, a rather black color on Firefox and Greenish color on Opera.

I've found through later research that IE intreprets the color as: #0C00F0 (notice that the C moved to the left once and the F moved to the left 3 place). While Firefox intrepret it as: #00000F (notice the missing C). While the only browser to correctly intrepret the Microsoft color is Opera: #00C000 because the C is supposed to be placed on the third place, on the Green's first character.

#0C00F0___ (C and F is moved to the left by inconsistent amount)
#00000F___ (Missing C)
#00C000___ Opera (correct one, which places C as the third letter)

This, seems to me as a eggs placed in IE and Firefox. On IE, to promote its favorite color by a sneaky programmer (who wanted their trick to be hard spotted without a comparing browser) and Firefox (who want to avoid showing blue Microsoft color). While Opera, is being on the middle side, displays things correctly on all cases

You could argue that this is accidental, however, seeing that their translation of words to HTML color code is done rather erroneously on both IE and Firefox (while crap is colored the same on all three browser)

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-15-2006
Reviewed By: racedogg2, dicai
Special Requirements: Firefox, possibly any edition
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Pictures and Videos

Color Me Microsoft The Green Opera Window
Color Me Microsoft The Green Opera Window "Microsoft Colour" Egg on Firefox 3.0.1
Maxthon Browser v2.0.9
Maxthon Browser v2.0.9

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The thing writes:
This might just be a mistake. But, it's probably an egg.
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atomic1fire writes:
If you use the word Firefox instead, you get yellow, and if you use Opera I think you get green.
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koira writes:
I don't think this is an egg. I don't think there is a correct way to interpret colors such as "microsoft". I'm surprised any of the browsers even try. It's neat seeing what random colors different words will get you, though. I haven't found a pattern yet.
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TarMil writes:
It's just due to the different way the navigators interpret the color : in firefox if you type mozilla you get a good-looking marine blue, if you type 'windows' you get some green, etc.
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jsantos writes:
"#crap" is actually interpreted as #c0a0. Same way with "windows" which would be #000d000
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