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In part one, chapter four (the one with the sniper aiming through your window at the start of the level), somewhere near the end you should be climbing around a ledge, near one of the pipes is a black M on the wall (you cannot really miss it as you have to go near it anyway), 'use' it 3 times, and climb a bit further on... where you should see floating fireballs. If you touch them you die, so you have to time right to get past them. Now I don't know what this is a reference to but I heard it something to do with Mario (the game). Can anyone confirm this?
A few more eggs, after you kill Kauffman and his goons , go back to the room you were previously in, and find the living room, turn on the telly and you should get a suprise. Kauffman was also the name of the cab company in the other rockstar game GTA Vice City, which is a neat reference.
When you first enter the police station, go in to the toilets and here someone moaning at you for some privacy, also stating 'I'll be out When It's Done', Duke Nukem anyone? Go to the parking lot to get another reference to 'It's Done Whens It's Done', and the name of the lead creater of Duke Nukem, Broussard.
If you type in (snagged from the Pink Bird Themepark) into the URL, you'll get staright to the Max Payne website.
If you use any piano (thats not been shot) you hear the title theme tune, if you play again, its a bit faster)
Sammy Waters (a wrong answer from Gognitti from the questiong of who created Dr Entropy) could be a play of the name Sam Lake whom wrote the screenplay of Max Payne 1
I am sure this last one is an egg, but I don't have much information on it (sorry). In the police station in the offices you'll hear an interveiw between a officer and a bloke who buried his wife and the pizza boy in the rose bush in the back yard. If you speck to the officer you'll hear that he has cracked 'the crime of the centruy'. You'll also hear of this in an interveiw in the jails later on in the levels

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-14-2006
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RPDOfficer writes:
The Mario egg sounds correct, in any of Bowsers castles, nearing the baddie himself you had jump over and duck under his fireballs; touch em and you die. The Kaufman egg is actually a reference to a popular show Andy Kaufman was on - Taxi, but since Rockstar also made GTA, Taxi was also referenced in the game, via Kaufman Cabs.
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