Halo 2 Easter Egg - Floating Flippable Pelican- No Mods!

On the level mombasa, get to the part where the doors open for accessing the second level of the building where the marines are "trapped". In other words, get to the place where there are 3 wraiths, a couple of covie snipers, and a couple ghosts (depending on difficulty).

You can do this on any difficulty, but easy is recommended.

When you blow up the wraiths, it is best to stay close to the building until the pelicans show up. The one without the scorpion takes the right flight path.

To get rid of the wraiths quickly, just kill the first warthog you see coming in and steal the rocket launcher. Or, if you did the scarab gun glitch, just blow everything up.

Then, wait until the pelicans arrive by the entrance to the second level. Then, run to the first platform by the door, then when the pelican lowers to the platform to let the marines off, jump and hold x. If it doesn't get you in at first, just keep jumping and holding x at the height of your jump. once you are in, DO NOT GET OUT UNTIL I SAY SO. You will take off, and fly over the buildings. Then, you will hit a wall, and "crash" down to the bottom of the skybox. When the flipping starts to slow, get out.

(The reason I say easy is preferred is because the pelican can kill you getting out because it is flipping.)

Then, you can start messing around with the pelican because it will ask you if you want to flip the pelican. The more marines there are in it, the funner it is to try to flip the pelican in and kill them. If you have a friend, try to get both of you in, then you can look around for possible ways to get on buildings and whatnot.

The creators purposefully made it so that the Master Chief can get in pelicans to reach, or get close to, other hidden easter eggs.

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Contributed By: MRU Master on 09-26-2006
Reviewed By: dicai, Silent_Assassin
Special Requirements: Xbox, Halo 2
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The floating pelican
The floating pelican

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awesom-o writes:
I don't think Mombasa isn't a level in Halo2.
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Koison writes:
Yeah, the level is called Metropolis. It's the level that begins on the bridge.
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