Garmin eTrex GPS Recivers Easter Egg - Hidden System Menu

How to access the eTrex's system menu:

1. Before starting unit, hold down the 'Page' and up arrow button.

2. While still holding onto those keys, turn the unit on.

3. You'll see system menu stuff like the software version, unit temp., and the signal power.

4. Push the up and down arrows to make the number to the right of the arrows on the screen smaller or bigger. The bigger the number, the higher the contrast and vice-versa.

- Now here's the cool part.

5. Push the page button twice and you'll see a screen test. Pretty neat, huh? It get's better. push page again. The second one's the coolest. You can keep pushing page until it you hit the system menu again.

(In case you were wondering, the enter button doesn't do anything.)


Also, on the side note, if you hold the page and enter button down and then power it on, it asks if you want to clear user data. I think thats already in the manual, however.

User Rating:
  8.8/10 with 6 votes
Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-05-2006
Reviewed By: Techneon, Silent_Assassin
Special Requirements: Garmin eTrex GPS reciver
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