Black and White 2 Easter Egg - Indestructable Man

On the mission where you must capture the main Norse base (the one where you can hear the Norse leaders thoughts) you begin with an unbuilt section of wall to the top right of your base used to teach you how to build and connect walls. If you go past that wall and look left along the bottom of the mountain you will see a man standing by a campfire near a cave (it is hard to see if you aren't up close but you will know him when you find him). If you pick him up, he will beg for mercy and the evil dude will tell you to kill him. Funny thing is is that he won't die. If you throw him he will call you a wuss and if you try to drown him he will say something like "oh great, now i'm all wet!" There is a way to finish that annoying guy off but i'll leave it up to you to find out how. ^_^

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-23-2006
Reviewed By: racedogg2, Silent_Assassin
Special Requirements: Black and White 2 : )
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Stoot Oot writes:
Heres some more hints for the unkillable man thing: You can get tribute for throwing the man really far. Start by throwing the man very small distances then go up to large distances, this gives you the maximum tribute. After you have completed the map and have limitless influence you can put the man in the steam vents that are aroung the map. There is one steam vent right next to your starting position on a mountain. When you put the man in the vents he goes flying vey high. If he lands on land you can get up to 35,000 tribute.
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Haiken writes:
The seemingly immortal person you are refering to is named Sebastian Schoellhammer. That is also the name of one of the artists working on the game.
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