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1) Near the start of the film in the rustese commercial the rusty car has the regestrasion EVILLE. This is short for Emeryville, where the Pixar studios are.

2) As Mcqueen leaves the stadium after the first race in Mack there is a scene where if you listen closely you will here a squeak. If you are quick you will see 1 bird from the Pixar short "for the birds" found on Monsters inc.

3) Any time you see any insects in the film they are small cars.

4) The train that almost hits Mcqueen when hes driving round in the dark has the number A113. This is the room number of the classroom where the director studied animation.

5) When the first visiters are trying to leave Radiator Springs Lizzie sticks a "butte" sticker on the male cars bumper. This is the same word and spelling that gets stuck to Buzz' behind in Toy Story 2.

6) After Doc talks to Mcqueen about his crash Lightning goes outside and on the big rock in the background there are the initials AS. These stand for Andrew Stanton who has worked on Pixar films Bugs Life and Finding Nemo with this director.

7) In many places you will find a lower case "i" like on the Wheel well gas pump. This is the i for the Incredibles logo and Monsters inc logo.

8) Just before Mcqueen gives his speach to the Rustese cars, when it goes quiet, we hear a car at the back shout "free Baird" pronounced "bird". Baird is also a director with Pixar studios.

One thing to look out for which is in nearly all Disney films is a whole or part picture of Mickey Mouse or his silloette and the ball or its pattern from Luxo Jr.

Enjoy mi-harties.

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Contributed By: TV eyes on 08-23-2006
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eville - car plate a113 - train Butte sticker
eville - car plate a113 - train Butte sticker

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mr goober writes:
actually "free bird" is a dong by lynrd skynrd...rednecks tend to yell "freebird!" at concerts an stuff
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