Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Easter Egg - Homestarrunner Reference in Vans Park

1.Choose Vans Skatepark on freeskate or whatever.

2.Go to the door that warps you to the halfpipe. Do not go in!

3.Walk SLOWLY into the door but not so far that it warps you.

4.Walk into and through the white door to the right & FREEZE.

5.Turn your camera so you can see good.

6.Walk in the same direction until you reach an invisible wall. The wall should turn you around when you walk into it.

7.Keep walking into it until you start walking weird.

8.Walk back out of the room through the wall by the pool. Make sure there's nothing above you and that you don't leave the pool area or this won't work.

9.Press X

10. There are 4 messages it will give you.
-Late 360 shovit to Boneless'D!

These are references to the website ""

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-22-2006
Reviewed By: racedogg2, Silent_Assassin
Special Requirements: Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
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squinnman writes:
In particular, this Easter egg refers to Teen Girl Squad, a comic on that is centred around 4 teenage girls. In one of the "issues" they go to a chinese restaurant which is where they get MSG'd by spring rolls.
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Another Homestar runner reference comes into play in the actual park itself. If you hop up to the far corner of the building where all of the power is humming from and you whack the pole that has electricity running through it, it'll show you getting electrocuted. If you do this a few times you should eventually get the message, "You head asplode." A reference to the 80's game that Strong Bad said he would make if he were in a video game.
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