Half-Life: Opposing Force Easter Egg - Another Star Wars Reference

Remember in HL:Opfor the Pit Worm's level. Now when you slide down the pit into the broken trash compactor. Just in front of you there's a door with a bunch of red lights above it. Now go and watch the scene from star wars episode 4:New hope and look carefully at the door in the background. Look familiar?

By the way I discovered this by accident one day when watching Star wars, hahahah I saw it and nearly choked on the chips I was eating.

P.S. Opposing "FORCE"....hmmmm I wonder if that's another egg.

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Contributed By: MSeigeMalicious on 08-22-2006
Reviewed By: racedogg2, Silent_Assassin
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the star wars reference
the star wars reference

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Sylar writes:
The term "Opposing Force" is military lingo for the enemy. That is why the game is called Half-Life: Opposing Force. You play as a US Marine, which was an enemy to Gordon Freeman.
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i was here writes:
i'm amazed i can still remember my login details! whatever. the term 'Opposing Force' goes with Newton's law, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". simply, the first action if the force and the equal and opposite reaction is the opposing force.
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