Red vs Blue: Season 4 Easter Egg - All Easter Eggs on Season 4 DVD

These are all the eggs me (Eric) and my amigo Alex could find on the Red Vs Blue: Season 4 DVD.
I also ran it by my other friend Alex (not the same Alex) and this was all he found too.

Note: the first 4 are all in the scene selection section of the DVD.

1. On the intro-62 page highlight episode 60 “Fight or Fright” and press left to view Griff's easter egg.

2. On the 63-68 page highlight 69-74 at the bottom of the page and press down to see Griff and Simmons arguing about Simmons' two tone armor.

3. On the 69-74 page highlight episode 70 “Sneaking In” and press up then enter to see Church's easter egg with him commenting on how you have too much free time and then he says some thing backward.

4. On the 75-credits page highlight intro-62 at the bottom of the page and press up to see Tucker trying to sell you a baby.(alternately press the back scene button while watching the “Winter Lames” video in the special video section)

5. On the bonus features menu high light deleted scenes and press left to get Tex's menu. (all buttons lead to the same place)

6. On the special video menu highlight “Winter Lames” and press right to see Sarge's easter egg and hear his jeep buffing song.

7. On the outtakes menu highlight “The New Guy” and press right to see Andy's easter egg.

8. On the deleted scenes menu highlight episode 59.7 “Alien Hunt” and press left to see Donut's easter egg.

9. On the main menu wait for about 3-4 minutes to see Donut threating to call Officer Hot Pants if you don't pick an option.

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Contributed By: pringles1020304 on 08-22-2006
Reviewed By: MorPH, Silent_Assassin
Special Requirements: Red Vs. Blue Season 4 DVD, Remote, Patience, Ability to follow directions
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