Halo 3 Easter Egg - Egg in Halo 3 Announcement Trailer

The egg is easy to spot in the Hi-Res versions but near impossible in the lo-res.

In the opening frame, right after the fade in from white, we see the landscape starting to build.
Near the middle of the screen, but slightly to the right is a sign being moved by the wind.

The sign looks like a yield sign, but closer inspection, especially when the sign turns toward the camera, reveals the silhouette of a grunt on it.

Bungie has an explanantion of the egg in the FAQ which gives ominous clues for those that didnt spot it:

The New Mombasa City Council had an incredibly efficient public works department until and even during the tragic and devastating Covenant invasion.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-17-2006
Reviewed By: David Wolf, MorPH
Special Requirements: Hi-resolution version of trailer
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Halo 3 Grunt Sign
Halo 3 Grunt Sign

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Sephiroth writes:
John has puils. It was dark for that part of the trailer. And many people have known for a long time his name is John. Spend less time playing games and buy the books.
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Sizemon writes:
An easier way to see MC face is to go here http://files.filefront.com/Halo3MCwmv/;7755369;;/fileinfo.html
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Sam152 writes:
[url=http://www.haloeastereggs.net/eastereggs.php?gamename=Halo%203]Halo 3 Easter Eggs[/url], Halo 3 Easter Eggs is where you can get this with a better shot.
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Jewan writes:
AND ONE MORE THING!!!! Did you know that master cheif's face is shown in the trailor?It's when the camera zooms when he walks out of whatever he's in and is holding the machine gun.You can faintly see his face.He has no pupils(just like riddik!!!),a scar on his cheek(kinda looks like raroni kenshin,but on his left and just one),an average nose,and dispite the way his voice sounds,he's white.Not like that's a bad thing,but it's still cool.And wikipedia said his name was John o.O
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MattMan writes:
Pffft, Yea right, AN EXPLANATION? bungie is just doesnt want people to know the truth!
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