Neverwinter Nights Easter Egg - Harry Potter Reference... Norbert's Egg Found in NWN?

This actually took me a bit to figure it out and even so I might be wrong about it all, but it sure does sound like a cameo from Harry Potter.
What you got to do is outside the city of Hilltop and behind the Elven Tomb is another playable area that leads to the sorceress Jnal. Find, near the back of the area, the Hermit's shop and follow these instructions.
1. Talk to the Hermit, Introduce yourself (This is required or the egg doesn’t work!).
2. Leave the shop and find a cave located atop a hill near the shop and enter the cave ready to fight!
3. Kill off all the Wyrmlings (mini dragons) and collect your rewards scattered across the floor.
4. Find the Dragon Egg (it should be with a corpse if I remember correctly).
5. Leave the cave and return to the Hermit.
6. Offer the egg to the Hermit.
7. Read what he says.
8. ENJOY!!!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-01-2006
Reviewed By: David Wolf, MorPH
Special Requirements: PC, NWN: Shadows of Undrentide, knowledge of Harry Potter books or Movies, reading skills.
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What does he say? I don't have the game, but I'm curious.
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NNathaNN writes:
Well, now that does look like a valid specimen. And it just happens that I know this great, giant of a man who collects odd creatures. Works with some wizards, taking care of their beasts.
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