Adobe Audition 1.5 Easter Egg - Adobe Audition 1.5 Pong Game

This egg takes quite a while to perform.

Go to Help > About Adobe Audition.....

Then click on the lovely balls in the i's and create some fun.....

Now once you've had a play with the balls, once they stop moving, wait about 5 - 10 minutes, then the credits will roll which react to the balls and can create some interesting sound effects. wait for the credits to finish and they will mention a surprise in the "Placekeeper", (now I believe the location of the "placekeeper" changed by the time the application was finished because they direct you incorrectly).

Go to Window > Placekeeper instead and you will be given a small window. Right-Click this window and select "game". (You only have to do this once to get the game as an option in here permanently)

You will now have a game of 'pong', which you can stretch using the corner paddles and contains curve dynamics.

Have FUN!!!!

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Contributed By: Djouroboros on 07-16-2006
Reviewed By: David Wolf
Special Requirements: Eyes, Patience
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Something else... If you "play with the balls" (Get your minds out of the gutter) The first "i" gets it's dot back. Click it, it'll throw down a purple ball, then again, it'll become a dark blue ball Then a light and a dark green ball (I have 6 balls out now) Ball 7 is fuscia (I'm going to sit here till I get every color in the spectrum of course) Next up is a red ball... (STILL waiting for these credits, this is build 4124.1 just so you know) Next is hunter green. Every time the "i" resurfaces, it makes a noise too!) Orange. I think this has gone on now for about 10 minutes. I'm going to stop playing with my balls now, and see what happens. Teal - Yes, I'm now up to 11 balls. (Who's got the biggest....) Oh, sorry, Ac/DC playing randomly at this point, too funny. And a Maroon ball is next (number 12!) GEEZUS, I hate to be a man saying this, but i think I have more balls than I need at this point! Ok. Now a white one. I must have run it out of color. Nope. Yellow. STILL no credits at 15 minutes. I think that guy's off his rocker. I'm bored with this now, going to post the comment, you all can go from there!
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Patrick writes:
You can create obstacles for the balls to bounce against, by right-clicking anywhere in the picture, once you've released at least one ball. Right-clicking at any obstacle again will remove it.
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